Workparty Saturday Oct 3rd/2009

We have scheduled a workparty for Saturday Oct 3rd.  Workparty may also spill over into Sunday Oct 4th, depending on how far City workers progress this week.

Scenario 1) Saturday
If the city doesn’t finish with paths and topsoil, we are planning to get going on that ourselves: plotting out parts of the garden, spreading topsoil, carving out the paths and  (possibly) laying granite. We will also need childcare and people to purchase and set up refreshments.

Scenario 2) Saturday and Sunday
If the city DOES finish their part, then we will be able to start on the fence: Our main teams will be: 1) augering  2) cementing and 3) leveling post holes in place.  Also needed will be plotting and stringing the garden, carving out the small paths,  laying granite, childcare and refreshments .

Please contact Carol to volunteer.

Work should begin around 9am.

Weather forcast looks like sun, so we should be able to get a fair amount of work done.

Jason (Fence Coordinator)


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