Tools and Workparty (Sunday Nov 8th/2009)

Looks like we are going to try and have another work party this coming weekend: Sunday Nov  8th/2009.

Will try and update this blog with more information.  Should be an email sent out shortly with details.

Tool request: If anyone has the following tools that they would be willing to loan for a short time until wee get the garden up and running, please let us know, you can email me directly at:

  • Clam Shovel / Post hole digger  (still need to clena out the post holes a little)
  • Cordless Drill
  • Generator (1500W I think, enough to run a circular saw); even if we could just borrow it for a day, I would be responsible for it, and we can discuss of course.

Donations:  Here is a list of things we could probably use at the garden:

  • gravel (pea sized gravel for drainage at the bottom of the post holes)
  • concrete (bags of concrete still useable)
  • decking screws (got any 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ screws lying around? donate them to the garden)
  • Cedar scrap ( anything we can use for stakes, 1×2″ – 12″ long minimum )
  • Tools ( do you have extra gardening tools?  We can probably use them!! )

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