Plot Allocation

Spring 2011: We currently have a waiting list for plots. If you would like to get on the list, send an email with your contact information to pandoraparkcommunitygarden [at] Our list is in chronological order of when people contacted us.

November 2009:

We just had our meeting, where reasons for plot allocation were discussed.

The allocation committee did a great job and spent a lot of time trying to be fair for allocation.

I believe everyone on the waiting list who wanted a plot and showed up to a meeting or to help at least once will probably be allocated a plot in the garden.

To help facilitate this we have numbered the plots:

Please to help facilitate selection of plots, please send an email to Pandora Park Garden with the following information:

1.  Your Full Name (or the name for who will have control of the plot)

2.  The Size of plot requested (and reason if you care to detail ie: 4 members sharing; single person but I garden alot, etc)

3.  Will you be doing gardening this winter (ie Nov-Jan)

4.  Optional: Preferred plot number (this will probably not be used, but if you have a preference list it)

Plot number allocation will probably be randomly determined, once your plot size has been determined.

Please be aware that preference will be given to those at the top of the plot allocation list.

Any errors and omissions in this posting are due to the poster (jw) and the Garden Society cannot be held accountable.


One response to “Plot Allocation

  1. pandoraparkgarden

    Melissa, thanks for this! We have been neglecting this blog, but hopefully now will be more diligent about updating! I’m glad you finally found us.

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