Our beautiful gate video

Kate Follington, our wonderful founding gardener who has returned home to Australia, was really the driving force behind our terrific garden gate on the south side. She also put together a lovely video on the making of it, which shows the evolution. Watch it on YouTube here:

Thanks Kate and all the best in your travels….


2 responses to “Our beautiful gate video

  1. Kate,
    The gate is wonderful. For many years I hung onto the two garden shears and some other items that are now part of it, because I found them too visually pleasing to throw away. Now, when I go to the garden I can “visit” them and know that others are enjoying them, too, in that beautiful setting,
    p.s. I hope you are enjoying yourself back on your “home turf “.

  2. kate follington

    thanks Anne! I am, Each morning I have been walking with Dad to the ridge to look east at the Pacific Ocean instead of west, an amazing change….and still processing it all. hugs to you. Kate

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