2019 Work Party Dates

Upcoming Work Parties – remember to enter your work in the log book
• Saturday March 23 – 10 a.m. – empty compost and do composting workshop
• Sunday April 28 – 10 a.m. – beautification and dump run
• Saturday May 25 – 10 a.m.
• Sunday June 23 – 10 a.m.
• Saturday July 27 – 10 a.m.
• Sunday August 25 – afternoon – barbecue celebration party!
• Saturday September 21 – 10 a.m.
• Sunday October 27 – Garden AGM – 3-5pm

Sept. 20, 2015 AGM Minutes



September 20, 2015 4:15-6pm

Chair: Tanya St. John

Recorder: Tanya St. John

Members Present: Cheryl Stapleton, Nhan Ngyen, Kate Vincent, Elizabeth Dunn, Caitlin MacRae, Tanya St. John, Irwin Figueira, Florence Ewanchute

  1. Approval of the Agenda for this year’s AGM

Motion to accept the agenda for the meeting as amended (Cheryl Stapleton), Seconder (Nhan Ngyen), Carried

  1. Approval of Minutes from last year’s AGM

Motion to accept the minutes (Cheryl Stapleton), Seconder (Irwin Figueira), Carried

  1. Revision and approval of year end financial statements

The Year End Financial Statements were circulated and revised, as attached. We presently have $905.48 in the general account, $304.09 in the bursary, $119.99 in the bee account, and $0 in the shed account (-$1,008.20). Current bank account signers who attended the AGM were Cheryl Stapleton, Tanya St. John, Kate Vincent.

Work on the shed is finished.

ACTION: Cheryl will close the shed account.

Irwin would like to suggest the budget for garden maintenance of the garden remain the same as the 2014 budget of $500 for ‘Garden Care’.

Motion to approve the Year End Financial Statements (Kate Vincent), Seconder (Nhan Ngyen), Carried

  1. Reports: Present Coordinator

An annual report written by Tanya St. John for 2014-15 was revised as attached.

Motion to approve the Presiden’ts Report, Carried by all.

  1. Elections of 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Elections took place with the following directors being elected for the 2015-2016 year:

  • President- no president decided today
  • Vice President/Acting President- Irwin Figueira
  • Secretary: Tanya St. John
  • Treasurer: Cheryl Stapleton
  • Membership Committee: Cheryl Stapleton
  • Directors at Large: Carol Wood, Tanya, St. John, Irwin Figueira, Kate Vincent, Cheryl Stapleton (Cari Green, Mark Dalgarno, Hilary Bourdon, Jo-Anne Platt not present at meeting today – will confirm status with them)

Motion to elect the slate (Cheryl Stapleton), Seconder (Elizabeth Dunn), Carried

  1. Other Business

Compost: Florence Ewanchute reported that one of the composts is ready to use. The question about the compost location was revisited. Elizabeth Dunn mentioned that there are free workshops from ‘City Farmer’ at 6th/Maple St in Vancouver on composting.

Action: Carol Wood and Willie Turner are on a committee that is working on putting together a survey to be sent out to the garden membership. To be discussed at next Board meeting.

Elizabeth to email some take home messages from the composting workshop she attended to the membership and post it on the Google groups website.

Shed: All work has been completed except for door handles.

Action: Irwin Figueira will put 3 decorative pitchforks onto the shed doors as handles. Very minimal cost (<50$ for brackets). Concrete blocks left over from old shed and will install into new shed 2×2 square tiles to go in front of doors. Min cost.

Bees: update provided by Jo-Anne Platt via email

The honey boxes were pulled off the hives 2 weeks ago and it looks like we have approximately 220lbs of honey this year! We’ll be extracting the second week in October and then we’ll have lots for sale. This year we’re bottling in 500ml jars and selling them for $13. I’ll put an announcement up on the Google group and set up a sale date.

Membership committee: Cheryl going to take over the list and calling the waitlist.

Maintenance (Irwin Figueira): Irwin proposed 3 projects for the upcoming year.

1) Enclosing flower garden: The four boards behind shed will be used to make a border on west side of shed encasing the flower garden. Irwin reported that Hilary and Willie from the beautification committee are on board with the plan. Max ($100 for 3 projects Irwin)

  • Lattice: next Spring, during March/April work parties, build lattice above North and South gates for honey suckle and wisteria to grow on
  • Fruit trees: Irwin proposed getting a dormant spray for the fruit trees to get rid of aphids. This work would be started now and to be completed over the winter.

Irwin put out a request for $300 to cover a sprayer, the lattice and hardware for the border.

Motion to approve the maintenance request up to $300 (Kate Vincent), Seconder (Cheryl Stapleton), Carried

Irwin suggested getting a load of gravel this year for the main common paths (~$200)

Action: Board of Directors to decide about gravel at a later date. Irwin will call the city about getting another load of free woodships.


Sunday October 25, 2015 from 10 am- 3pm run by Kate Vincent

Sunday November 22, 2015 10am 3pm by Irwin Figueira to clean out the garbage behind the compost, spray the trees, tidy up

February 21: Executive only 1-2pm (open to everyone from 2-3pm for membership drive)

Suggestion made to have work parties on the same day of the week at the same time.

Motion to accept Irwin Figueira’s suggestion to have no work parties during the week (Elizabeth Dunn), Seconder (Kate Vincent), Carried

Other issues

-Nyen: planning to install an art instillation by his plot; weather-dependent, no date secure but will either do it Sat, Sun or Monday of the Oct 31st weekend for one night only.

-Irwin suggested getting a metal garbage bin that we can lock the lid: lock to shed.

Motion to approve the garbage bin (Cheryl Stapleton), Seconded (Tanya St. John), Carried

-Elizabeth Dunn mentioned that the city provides the service of green bin for larger tree/greenery items that can be picked up if put by the side of the street

Motion to approve green bin, not carried

– Florence Ewanchute mentioned that there is a chair on North side where people do drugs.

Action: Members can call a special needle collection number to come get needles picked up (Needle Pick-up: 604-657-6561  Email: needlevan@phs.ca)

– The suggestion of having a message board on the shed to inform garden members of current projects in the garden was approved by all.

– Discussion about whether there is a need to enforce bi-laws of the garden to be discussed at the February meeting. Kate Vincent suggested reminder email be sent out to all members regarding keeping dogs on a leash. Also brought up the idea of having people attend at least one work party per year and keeping attendance.

– Discussion about whether we want to raise garden fee by $5 to be discussed at 2016 Fall AGM

  1. Adjournment at 6:03pm




2015 Work Parties

Calling all gardeners! We’ve got our dates set for this season’s work parties. Anybody is welcome to join in – there’s always lots to get done!

Upcoming Work Parties

Saturday March 28: 10am-3pm

Sunday April 19: 10am-3pm

Saturday May 23: 10am-3pm

Sunday June 21: 3-5pm – work party then Solstice party >5pm

Tuesday July 21: 6-8pm

Thursday August 20: 6-8pm

Sunday September 20: AGM -no time set yet

Spring into the Garden Event – March 1st 1-2pm

Let’s get this gardening season rollin’!! Please come out to our season opener where we will hear what the various committees are planning for the year and we’ll have guest speaker Master Gardener Heather Gillis with us to do a small presentation on things like composting, pruning (fruit trees, grape vines and raspberry canes), common food plant pests and diseases, overwintering crops and how to maximize small growing spaces. Bring your questions too!

Venue: 2370 Franklin St./ at corner of Nanaimo St. in common room to the right of front entrance.  See you all there!

It’s time to renew your gardening commitment!

Hey everyone! It’s time to let us know whether or not you will be returning to garden in 2015. Since we have such a big waiting list, it’s important that you get your User Agreement and plot fees in by the deadline on March 1st.  Contact us if you need the form, or if you have any questions: pandoraparkcommunitygarden@gmail.com

Fall Work Party Dates

We have set our work party dates for the fall, where we clean up the paths, repair things and just generally get to hang out together and work! 

Irwin will run the work party on Saturday September 7th (10am)

Grace will run the work party on Tuesday, October 1st  (6pm)

Karen will run the work party on Sunday, November 3rd (10am)

Please try to get to at least one of these dates, since they’re the way our garden stays beautiful!

Annual General Meeting August 11

We’ll be holding our Annual General Meeting on Sunday August 11th, starting at 4pm, in the common room of Norah Davis Gardens, 2320 Franklin Street. All gardeners are encouraged to come – we give reports on how the garden’s doing financially and otherwise, you get updates on all our projects, and we elect new directors for our society. 

And after the meeting part, we have a potluck dinner in the garden, so please join us! 

Our beautiful gate video

Kate Follington, our wonderful founding gardener who has returned home to Australia, was really the driving force behind our terrific garden gate on the south side. She also put together a lovely video on the making of it, which shows the evolution. Watch it on YouTube here:

Thanks Kate and all the best in your travels….

Work Party Schedule

Hi Gardeners and Enthusiasts, we’ve decided to schedule our work parties until September, and set our Annual General Meeting. We hope always to see as many gardeners as possible, and we also welcome community members. 

Saturday March 9th – 10 am until 2pm, or when the work is done – soil amender delivery day and compost area cleanup – Carol coordinates

Sunday April 14th – 10 am until 2pm, or when the work is done – Irwin coordinates

Saturday May 11th – 10 am until 2pm or when the work is done – Cari coordinates

Tuesday June 11th – 6pm – 9pm – Karen coordinates

Thursday July 11th – 6pm – 9pm – Shelley coordinates

Garden Annual General Meeting and Barbecue – Sunday August 11th – 4pm – until we’re done!

Updated Plot Map

Here, finally, is an updated plot map: only one #55, no #47, and the divided 59’s and 34’s! Let us know if you see any other problems…